Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Actor Junior T. S. Balaiah's Testimony - 05/12/2010

(This is the testimony of Actor Junior Balaiah delivered in church.)

Junior Balaiah is the son of veteran comedian TS Balaiah. The veteran had kept plenty of wealth for his family. Their money depleted in time due to the servants who forged signatures of their parents to swindle money and land.

Junior Balaiah being the last son, enjoyed his carefree life until he started sojourning into movies. After 3 days of his first movie, his father had a heart attack and later after that his mom too fell ill. He had no savings as well.

Long after his parents had died, he continued to live a care free life with friends. During one stage, the time the movie industry had a strike, there were no movies released and many actors became unemployed. Junior Balaiah had borrowed money. He didn't save any money for himself. His life ran into plenty of debts. During happier times he would lend his belongings to his friends. friends could easily take money from him which he would happily give away for friendship. But when time was hard, he turned to his friends to release him from debt, nobody wanted to be in touch with him. Nobody visited him

During this time, his wife, Susanna heard about Jesus through their servant lady. She offered her a small torn Bible. Before this incident, his wife heared about Jesus in Kerala as a little girl. She was keen to know more but thought that it was only meant for Christians. When Jesus knocked at her heart, she took the Bible and began reading. Many scriptures touched and healed her heart. It gave her solace at the time when the family was in problems.

She tried to explained to her husband about Jesus but he didnt have the faith that Jesus could help him from such a big debt. One day one of the money lender told Sis Susanna that he would cancel off the debt if Junior commits suicide. This made Junior Balaiah think of ways to commit suicide to save his family from money lenders. He drank heavy liquor and drove recklessly and at a high speed, hoping to meet with an accident, and that the news would cover the story as if he died in an accident rather than committing suicide. To his dismay he landed at his home safely.

Around this time, his wife compelled him to come with her to church for once. Junior went with his wife since he was at the verge of suicide. When he went he saw the Word in the church - Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest : Matthew 11:28. He felt his spirit steering within him. He knew this Word was for him. He began to speak to Jesus. He said "If you are really a true God, then release me from this heavy debt. I have nobody. My father and mother have died. I have no where to cry to. Will you be my Father and save me? You are my last grip. IF you fail me death will be my answer to the problems,"

Just as he finished saying that all he did was to say "Yessappa ! Yessappa!". he did not know how to pray like the others in the church. He began to cry when he felt someone talking to him. He received a phone call when he was crying. It was someone he had been searching to ask for help for money. The person called to offer him help. But Junior did not go to see him till the church service was over.

It was then that he believed the existence of Jesus in this world. When the whole world left him, only Jesus helped him. The next day he went to meet the friend and he only took a portion of his money to settle the urgent debt. Brother Junior paid the rest slowly

Today Junior is a living testimony in Christ. He has started a ministry in Tamil Nadu called "Healing Stripes Ministry." His testimony brought many to tears. Our God is a great God. Bro Junior Balaiah said that Jesus has done numerous miracles but its too much to testify what Jesus has done in his life for his family. He is indebted to his Heavenly Father.

Great is our God. Our God is a living God!




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